AssessmentsAt The LifeWise Centre we offer Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Difficulties and IQ/Ability, provided by accredited registered psychologists. NDIS Plan holders who require an assessment, please contact us on 4932 0432.


The Process

A Standard Specialised Psychological Assessment consists of three appointments.

The initial appointment is to meet you (and your child) and to obtain relevant background information. The appointment is for approximately one hour.

The second appointment is the assessment, for which we allow approximately two hours. This involves observations of your child and administering standardised psychological testing.

The third and final appointment is to give results of the assessment and a full written report of findings. We allow approximately one hour for this appointment.

In some circumstances, where initial assessment reveals a significant symptom complexity, additional investigations may need to be conducted. These include, but are not limited to:

 On-location observational assessment by Consultant Psychologist at your child’s preschool/daycare/school

 Specialised interview/s with your child’s teachers/counsellors


You will be advised during the specialised psychological assessment process if any of these additional assessments are required in order to obtain an accurate diagnostic outcome for your child.

In this circumstance – additional dates will be organised by The LifeWise Centre for these investigations.

We ask that if at all possible, you arrange hearing and sight tests for your child before attending The LifeWise Centre for assessment, if these have not already been checked. This will serve to rule out any problems in those areas which might be major contributors to any difficulties your child is experiencing.

In order to help gain the maximum amount of information, we will ask you and your child’s teacher to complete some questionnaires regarding your child’s development/behaviour. We will mail those to you after you make the booking.

We look forward to meeting you and your child to look together at your child’s experiences and behaviours.

Post-assessment we can provide professional therapeutic work with your child’s behaviour or situation if you wish to follow up in that way.