The LifeWise Centre offers services to help support staff and create a productive and needs satisfying workplace.

Our professional services include:

1. Training and Development

Programs are tailor-made to suit your circumstances in interactive and practical workshops including stress management, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, developing clear communication, surviving under pressure, creating a balanced environment and building self-confidence, bully-proofing the workplace.

The length and number of sessions are also organised to meet your needs. On-site training is available.

Training your staff is a proactive strategy, developing skills as a preventative.

2. Counselling Support

The LifeWise Centre provides counselling for work-related or personal issues that affect work performance. The service offers:

 Counselling by experienced and Registered Psychologists

 Consulting rooms within easy reach of Newcastle, the Lake and Central Coast

 Consulting rooms within easy reach of the Lower Hunter, Coalfields, Raymond Terrace and the Upper Hunter

We aim to provide initial access to counselling within a 48 hour time frame

 In extreme emergencies, access within 24 hours

3. Trauma Support

Contact in response to Trauma information is made as quickly as possible, usually within one hour. Availability at the site of the trauma is made usually within 2 hours, depending on distance.

The Trauma Support team are experienced professionals who attend the site for as long as is needed. The team provides information on trauma and possible responses and debriefing to help people manage life better. Part of the response is to identify people at risk and offer individual counselling follow-up, or make appropriate referrals. Feedback is provided to the organization with recommendations.

Included is a staff briefing about the service with written information.

Trauma Support can include working with the management to develop and put in place an effective Critical Incident plan (at a negotiated fee based on time needed).

The advantages of using The LifeWise Centre’s Employee Assistance Program include:

 Dealing with problems straight away

 Dealing with misunderstandings before they become crises

Minimizing the effect problems have on workplace relations

 Creating a better work environment

 Staff who feel supported by the workplace are more likely to support the workplace

 Provision of services by experienced staff trained in developing Critical Incident plans, trauma response and trauma counselling.