Our fees for Counselling

All standard consultations at The LifeWise Centre are $180 for a 50 minute session. For a standard consultation with one of our Principal Psychologists, Lianne Neville or Gwenda Brownell, the fee is $185 for a 50 minute consultation.

Payment is required at the time of consultation by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or Credit Card.



Private Health Insurance

HICAPS is available for clients who have private health cover with a participating health fund.  If you want to know how much your health fund will rebate per session, you should contact your fund directly because it is different for each health fund.

HICAPS – participating health funds


Better Access to Mental Health: Medicare rebates will be available to people who have a Mental Health Care Plan that they bring with them from their GP/Psychiatrist. If eligible, your GP/Psychiatrist will register you with Medicare and you can receive a substantial rebate for each session. After 6 treatment sessions you will need to go back to your GP/Psychiatrist for a Care Plan Review and you may be eligible for further sessions, up to a maximum of 10 Sessions. For more information regarding Medicare click here.


Other Services

Workers Compensation

The LifeWise Centre can see you for counselling under WorkCover, upon referral from your General Practitioner and approval from the Insurer. When you lodge your claim, an initial 6 sessions are requested from the insurer. If these are approved, LifeWise can see you for these 6 sessions, after which time we prepare a Treatment Plan and request further sessions if necessary.

Third Party / Personal Injury Insurance

If you are referred by a General Practitioner for counselling for an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, approval will need to obtained from the insurer. If you provide us with your GP’s referral and your insurance claim details, we will contact the insurer regarding the approval.


Questions about Fees or Rebates

If you have any questions about the fees or if you are uncertain if you are eligible for a rebate, please phone us. We are happy to help.


Our Fees for Assessments

 Initial one hour appointment $180.00
 Assessment $360.00
 Final appointment $180.00
 Report of assessment findings $540.00
Total $1,260.00

Should further investigation be necessary, possible additional costs can include but are not limited to:

 On-location observational assessment by Consultant Psychologist at your child’s preschool/daycare/school $360.00
 Specialised interview/s with your child’s teachers/counsellors $180.00

 Each appointment fee is payable on the day of the appointment and the comprehensive Report of Assessment Findings fee is payable at the final appointment.


Rebates for Assessments

Referrals from your child’s Paediatrician or Psychiatrist.

Medicare will provide up to ten sessions of assessment or treatment rebates under a general referral from your child’s paediatrician or psychiatrist. The minimum rebate per session is currently $84.40. If more than one session is used in a day (ie some testing requires two back-to back sessions -2 hours) Medicare will still only provide one rebate for that day.


Helping Children with Autism scheme.

If your child has a referral from a paediatrician or psychiatrist for assessment under the “Helping Children With Autism” Medicare scheme, you may be entitled to a maximum rebate of $333 from Medicare. Rebates are only available on 4 Assessment services in total from health practitioners including psychologists, audiologists, OTs, optometrists, orthoptists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists. Therefore if you have already accessed assessment rebates from any other health practitioners under this scheme, you may not be entitled to a rebate for this assessment. Please ask Julie or Cath at our office if you have any queries or ask Medicare.


Better Access GP Mental Health Care plans.

Please note that Medicare Does Not provide rebates for Assessments  through use of the GP Mental Health Care plans.

If your GP has given your child a Mental Health Care plan it is valid for use with treatment sessions but Assessments will be separate.

We know this can all be confusing so please ask Julie or Cath at our office about any questions you have or other information you need.


Private Health Cover

Some private health funds will cover these services – please ask them for that information if you wish to claim a rebate.