IPT Introductory Course

Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults

Introductory course

An attachment-based intervention for depression and related disorders

A two-day workshop – qualifies for 14 hours of active learning CPD points

About this workshop IPT is an evidence-based intervention developed in the mid-1980’s for the management of depression. IPT was adapted for adolescents in 1993 and revised in 2004. This introductory course will present an overview of IPT/IPT-A, then focus on the development of skills required to implement an effective IPT/IPT-A intervention.


Learning Objectives

* Summarise the theory & evidence base for IPT/IPT-A  (detail of this is provided in pre-course reading)

* Outline the general techniques of IPT/IPT-A including: encouragement of affect; interpersonal incidents; communication analysis; problem solving; role plays.

* Explain how attachment theory can inform IPT/IPT-A. * Build on existing skills in assessment to develop specific competencies in assessing client suitability for IPT/IPT-A, attachment style & major problem areas.

* Practise skills in conducting an Interpersonal Inventory and an Interpersonal formulation.

* Practice skills in the problem areas of Conflict and Role transition in some detail.

* Provide brief description of the problem areas of Complex grief and Interpersonal gaps

* Consider the conclusion of the acute phase of therapy and options for maintenance treatment.

* Address the role of, and consider options for, supervision.



A range of learning methods is used, including didactic presentations, experiential exercises, small group activities, skill demonstrations, role play & self-reflection.


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