Micro-skills of Counselling

An interactive, skills focused program to assist practitioners in the helping professions to polish core skills of counselling. This workshop is especially suitable to Provisionally Registered Psychologists, new graduates, students and those wanting to refresh their skills.

Learning Objectives

* Understanding the counselling relationship

* Boundaries and ethical issues

* Attachment in the counselling relationship

* Neurobiology of empathy

* Creating the counselling environment

* Communicating effectively

* Building rapport

* Helping clients tell their stories

* The arts of probing and summarising

* Helping clients challenge themselves

* Helping clients set achievable goals

* Identifying what is being overlooked / avoided

* Helping change happen – plans & skills

* Knowing our own ‘red flags’

* Keeping ourselves resilient


Each area of skill development will include a theoretical presentation followed by a relevant skill demonstration, then rehearsal in supervised role plays and self-reflection.


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