We’re excited!

We are now using Virtual Reality Therapy (VR) in The LifeWise Centre Phobia Clinic to help overcome fears and manage anxiety.

For people with specific phobias including:

• needles (injections)
• spiders
• lifts and small spaces
• exams and tests
• heights
• animals
Our PHOBIA CLINIC offers a great opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to enhance treatment and stop fear from limiting life.

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Some of the most frequently asked questions about our Phobia Clinic:

Phobias are strong fears related to a particular object or situation, resulting in extreme anxiety and avoidance of experiences, limiting activities and life.

Phobias are one of the most common mental health difficulties. If you feel your fears are limiting your enjoyment of life, affecting your relationships, work or leisure activities, treatment may be worthwhile.

Following a brief initial assessment, the program will be delivered over 5 sessions. You will be expected to practise the strategies you learn in the sessions to get the most out of the treatment.

The first step is a phone conversation with one of our friendly clinicians. They will assess whether our program may be suitable for you.

Our program combines the latest in VR technology and treatment methodology to provide comprehensive evidence-based treatment with a strong focus on exposure therapy.

The usual rebates for psychological services apply for eligible people.
Chat with our friendly staff by phoning 02 4932 0432.